Undivided Attention
Monday — August 26th, 2013

Undivided Attention


A Retrospective

Thought it would be fun to compile all of the online Konamis comics into a video montage. So without further ado, 2 years of the Konamis in just over 2 minutes.

Ka-Pow! Video Thursday–Pigeon Impossible

Tucson Comic-con 2010

Hey Adventurers,

The Konamis are adding a show to our tour! We’ll be at the Tucson Comic-Con November 6th. That’s next Saturday! We’ll be meeting and greeting a lot of cool people (that’s you!). We’re bringing some mini-comics, buttons and for the first time ever, an exclusive Konamis print, made special for the 2010 Tucson comic-con. It’s gonna be a limited run, so if you’re there make sure to pick one up.

Tucson Comic Con is an organization that gives back to the city of Tucson by holding a FREE all day event, in hopes to bring the exciting world of comic books to the old pueblo from our very own local comic shops to a wide variety of independent sellers and artists. This event is for all ages and is a chance to experience a good old fashioned comic book convention.

Tucson Comic-Con is coming up on Saturday November 6th, 2010 in downtown Tucson at The Hotel Arizona.

181 West Broadway Boulevard, Tucson, Arizona (520) 624-8711

See you there!S()

Man of Action

He’s a Maaan, ready for Aaadve~enture, Jumping into the eye of mayhem! His chest has courage in it, he is fat with ACTION!–this sounds better in it’s original Japanese.


彼は冒険の人、用意しであり、身体傷害の目に飛び込む! 彼の箱にそれで勇気が、彼である行為と脂肪質ある! –これはit’でよりよく聞こえる; sの元の日本語。
I have no idea if this is right. Dan?

Milk Munny

Milk Munny

So this is just about the coolest thing ever.

FanFic by Sir William PennyBanks

So I woke up this morning to something quite strange and magical in my inbox. Could it be our first Konamis FanFiction? I’m not sure exactly who Sir William Pennybanks is, but the story below is quite mad. So mad in fact, it borders on genius. I’ve left it unaltered, so what you see is what I got. Read on if you dare.


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Ka-Pow Check it out! Potrait-Dex!

We here at Konamis HQ try to keep an eye out for all types of wonderous things. So lucky us when we discovered an amazing new breed of creature, the portrait-mons. New monsters are being discovered every day, but the ones found so far are pretty fantastic.

Cartoonists creating Pokemon Self Portraits. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Ian–the Banjo playing economist

Watch as Ian a fresh faced economics major, goes to Washington with a plan to fix this mess we’re in.

Disclaimer: very little banjo playing

Ka-Pow! Cool stuff to check out!

Ghost Car Press the store! For all the official art and cartoony goodness of Pranas T. Naujokaitis (yes I did copy/paste his last name). First of all Pranas writes and draws the endearing journal comic Inkdick. Follow the everyday adventures of superboy Pranas as he survives the terrors of grocery shopping, cartooning, staying motivated to cartoon, and watching the last episode of Late night with Conan O’ Brien.

If you want more dick that you can hold in your hand go to the Ghost Car Press store!

What’s cool about this shop is that it is a part of the shop community known as Storenvy. Because I’m tired of writing now and I’ve run out of clever things to say here is the about page for Storenvy:

Storenvy is the social online store and shopping community.

On one side, Storenvy is a series of online stores run by independent sellers. “The little guys.” Stores are fully customizable, with a feature-rich store admin panel, and completely FREE.

On the other side, Storenvy is a network of shoppers who can shop across all of those stores at once, interacting with each other by watching what notes and ratings they leave on products and stores throughout the site. It’s like following your friends and style icons on a shopping spree, watching what they pick up and what they actually buy.

Storenvy was created by Jon Crawford, Nick Roccanti and Scott Anderson, who you can read more about here.

So there you have it adventurers, Tuesday, Ka-Pow! Check it out.

Dan’s Victory Shuffle

Victory Dance

Just wanted to animate a little dance for Dan. The song is actually from Spacebot over at 8bit collective, the tallest DJ in Osaka.