Guest week. Comicon prep.

Let me just start off by saying, we couldn’t do what we do without support. Support from our families, friends, and fans. With Phoenix Comicon rapidly approaching, and a mountain of last minute prep work that still needs doing we’ve once again put out the call for help.

Steve Mooney Jr. is one of our way back friends. He’s been there for us since the beginning, eager to offer his help whenever needed. We are lucky to have him as a fan, and luckier to have him as a friend. His comic “Life with Kitty” is a tale of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of owning cats. Cats are jerks. I can’t thank him enough.

So what this means is that next week Steve is Managing the band. While he’s doing that, we are going to be cranking out con goodies like madmen: Buttons, Magnets, Books, Bookmarks, Mini-comics, Original Art, Prints, and I’m perfecting my high five.

Thanks for understanding the intermission, and enjoy “The Konamis in: The Birds and the Bees” by Steve Mooney Jr.

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