Undivided Attention
Monday — August 26th, 2013

Undivided Attention


Character Spotlight — Captain Eitz

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Name: Eitz
Occupation: Pirate
Age: Weathered
Affiliation: The Konamis (formerly Thunderskull)

As a young boy growing up in a fishing village, Eitz dreamed of a life of adventure on the high seas. Finding fishing to be boring and the navy to be far too regimented, piracy became the answer. Eventually falling in with the Amazing Doctor Thunderskull, he terrorized Atlantic shipping lanes with the help of his magical cephalocap until being pulled to Argonaut Island to stop The Konamis. Later, after being foiled for a second time, he joined The Konamis when they saved his life.

Story Highlights: Trials of the amazing Dr. Thunderskull, Not Trapped Yet, Return to Argonaut Island

Phoenix Comicon Badge Art Contest

Phoenix Comicon Badge Art contest 2012

• Voting by Facebook limited to one (Like) per badge.  Each vote for Facebook will open up a ‘Like’ Page for that badge. You can then use that to share with others.


• Voting can also be done on the website (CLICK HERE!).  You are allowed up to 5 votes PER DAY! In order to vote on the website, you will need to log in to the website using a username/password or Facebook.


• Contest ends Midnight on March 15, 2012.

There are a total of 12 badges that will have art work chosen for them.  Two (2) of those badges are vertical/portrait and 10 are horizontal/landscape.  If there are more winning badges than there are badge spots, Phoenix Comicon will choose the top of those winners. (ie.  2 vert badges are available, but the top 5 badges are vert only.)  This will not effect those who submitted both a vertical and horizontal of the same art piece (noted on the website).

Winners will be announced on April 2, 2012


You can find my 3 submissions for this year’s Badge art contest here:







Chapter Select


Hello Konamaniacs, we’ve broken our reports down by mission. Just click a cover to start reading that mission from the begining.

your friends in espionage,

-The NES

Change is rad!

Hey, hope you enjoy the new, simpler, and cleaner thekonamis.com! The functionality is about the same, I mean, it’s still comicpress and all, but we got rid of all of the ads and cut away a little of the fat, as well as got rid of some of those colors that made it hard to read for some of you. I also updated the Cast and Crew page a bit, and we should have the store up soon so you can get your very own copy of The Konamis! Volume 1. Exciting times!

Phoenix Comicon 2011

Look for Thunderskull Press home of the Konamis at Phoenix Comicon.

Guest week. Comicon prep.

Let me just start off by saying, we couldn’t do what we do without support. Support from our families, friends, and fans. With Phoenix Comicon rapidly approaching, and a mountain of last minute prep work that still needs doing we’ve once again put out the call for help.

Steve Mooney Jr. is one of our way back friends. He’s been there for us since the beginning, eager to offer his help whenever needed. We are lucky to have him as a fan, and luckier to have him as a friend. His comic “Life with Kitty” is a tale of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of owning cats. Cats are jerks. I can’t thank him enough.

So what this means is that next week Steve is Managing the band. While he’s doing that, we are going to be cranking out con goodies like madmen: Buttons, Magnets, Books, Bookmarks, Mini-comics, Original Art, Prints, and I’m perfecting my high five.

Thanks for understanding the intermission, and enjoy “The Konamis in: The Birds and the Bees” by Steve Mooney Jr.


Do you like The Konamis but wish you could talk to the creators? Do you lie awake at night pondering what we’re really like? Have you ever found yourself zoning out as you wondered what I was eating RIGHT NOW? If so, you are seriously creeping me the fuck out (besides, that’s what twitter’s for. Follow me at http://twitter.com/quaga and see just how often one man can go to Chipotle. The answer may astound you.)

If that’s not enough for you, Tavis and I will be chatting LIVE at http://comicchatcast.com/ on Friday, May 20th starting at 6pm PST / 9pm EST. We’ll be answering your questions and talking about The Konamis, webcomics, and how awesome Chipotle is. Seriously, you guys, it’s so good.

Comic-con update

Hey there adventurers! Just a quick update for you. Come see Jack and TJ of the Konamis LIVE! from Phoenix Comicon. We’ll be there all weekend, so come say “hey” at artist alley table: 856 in the Star Wars Neighborhood (just watch out for Bounty Hunters).

Here’s some cool stuff you can expect from us: Awesome books, amazing prints, badass buttons and magnets, bookmarks, highfives, delightful conversations, confusing looks, artist sketches, we’ll write on your arms, and much, much more.

Now a brief message from Tavis

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to take a moment to address a few changes going on with my home life.

I bought a new house, so now I get to be crazy old man Maiden who shouts at kids to “get of my lawn!” as I shake my fist. Aside from the whippersnapper rants that being a home owner affords me, it also means that I am going to be packing and moving and cleaning…and eating and sleeping (and I’m sure lots of other things). So Jack and I decided that we would try some other things this month: single day gag comics, character bios, and guest comics. Everything should be back to normal soon, and beginning in April, we should be back to our regularly scheduled program.

Thanks for reading, feel free to email us any questions (especially Math problems, Jack loves math)


More Art!!

Hey, can’t get enough art from the amazing Tavis Maiden? Well, you are in luck! He has an amazing and sporadically updated art blog. What’s more fun than sporadic? You never know what you’re gonna get or when. Fun! Utilizing the wonders of blogspot technology this blog is updated by the artist himself. Yessiree no middle men here. Just good old fashioned uploading technology. So if you like the Konamis go check out Tavis Maiden’s art blog, hell even if you don’t like the Konamis go check it out (although if you didn’t like the Konamis you probably wouldn’t be reading this post).